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Posted by admin on 2012/7/10 10:40:00 (17424 reads)

Established Date: July, 1989

Number of Employees: Around 400  

Main Products:

  • Drum Cleaning Blades for Laser Printers & Copiers,
  • Polyurethane(PU) Rollers, PU Wheels, Elastomer Parts,
  • Polyurethane Coating
  • Squeegees for Screen Printing
  • PU scrapers for mining industry


Head Office (Taipei, Taiwan)

Our headquarters is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, where Aside from being the location of the corporate office, where in R&D and sales department of cleaning blades for Laser Printers and Copier using molding and bonding method.

Kuroki’s headquarters is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, where we have our own R&D department and facilities. With more than 400 employees, Kuroki has dedicated to manufacturing and developing PU products, including screen printing squeegees and other elastomer parts, for over 25 years.


Moreover, this facility houses the production of PU elastomer parts such as PU Rollers, PU Wheels, squeegees for Screen Printers.

Sales Distribution:

Our products are widely distributed by direct shipping to countries such as

North and South America, parts of Europe, Asia and Australia.



  • The largest and most professional PU factory in Taiwan.
  • A major supplier of squeegees in Asia Pacific regions.
  • A major supplier of squeegees for solar power cell manufacturers in Taiwan and China.
  • A major supplier of squeegees for Taiwan’s production of PCB, CD, touch panels, passive components, displays etc.
  • Our different kinds of squeegees are well-received in Japan for their quality.


  • 1989 Founded as a manufacturer of PU related products.
  • 1991 Expand into production of cleaning blades for printers and copiers.
  • 2000 Taiwan-based factory is certified by ISO9001.
  • 2004 R&D department is set up.
  • 2006 New factory in Taiwan is set up.
  • 2008 Expand into production of squeegees.
  • 2009 Expand into production of equipment parts for the mine industry.
  • 2011 Expand into the overseas market of squeegees.
  • 2011 Granted different patents for our drum cleaning blades.
  • 2013 Granted patent for improvement in squeegees and squeegee holders.